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   Welcome to Custom Aerospace Trading (FZE)
Custom Aerospace Trading, Raislukhaima(CATRAK) is a privately owned enterprise, uniquely positioned in a highly competitive world because of its ability to not only support the present day commercial aviation needs but also proven to be an exclusive source of Out of Production, Depleted and Hard to Find Items for aircrafts and helicopters worldwide from different Manufacturers.

Professionals at Work:
At CATRAK, we are motivated and inspired every day by how can we provide the desired solutions to our customers write at their doorsteps.

In order to achieve desired results a dedicated team of professional’s work round the clock to ensure prompt support anywhere in the world. Experience in all aspects of spares sourcing and delivery, combined with a comprehensive knowledge of all customs and hazardous goods regulations enables us to provide the very best service to our customers.

CATRAK is committed to integrity, respect, highest ethics, excellence in performance and environment-friendly services. Our dedication is to develop trust and long-enduring relationships with our clients.
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